Strategic Development Master Plan

The IPC's long term strategic development master plan has a 50 year planning horizon, with interim short and mid-term development stages.  The Israeli government approved the first stage development and  authorized the IPC to move ahead with the first phase of planning, design and developing  a new container terminals .The strategic plan  is to create a framework for realizing one of the port reform's primary goals - the involvement of the private  sector and stimulation of a competitive environment.

Investing in the Present- Looking to the Future

A long - term port development plan is necessary in light of the competition between various shoreline users (i.e. military, power plants, ports, desalination plants, recreational and urban development, etc.) for Israel's limited coastline.  Considering that over 98% of Israel's international commerce moves via its seaports and that container traffic has been doubling every ten years , failure to plan ahead and dedicate coastline areas for seaport development will inhibit Israel's economic development and competitiveness in the global marketplace.