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The Israel Ports Development & Assets Company Ltd. (IPC) Ltd. is responsible for the development of Israel's three commercial seaports in Haifa, Ashdod and Eilat, and for providing the necessary infrastructure which will allow the ports to efficiently and competitively handle Israel's international maritime trade. In addition to managing some of the country's largest infrastructure development projects, the company acts as Israel's port property landlord, managing government assets allocated for the facilitation of its international maritime commerce. The Company's financial stability is reflected by its Aa1 (negative outlook) rating.
As an arm of the State, the IPC carries out its mission placing great weight on the State's priority to develop modern, competitive and efficient ports, thus facilitating economic growth. The ambitious development program promoted by the company will position Israel's ports among the best in the Mediterranean and will change the face of Israel's port industry.

In parallel to the development of the seaport's physical infrastructure, the IPC has been analyzing impediments to the smooth flow of Israel's international trade and is active in promoting other solutions that will improve the nation's trade competitiveness, especially instream lining the logistics and supply chain.

Strategic Port Development Master Plan

Israel's seaports handle 98% of the country's import and export cargo. Israel's economy and its international trade have experienced continued growth over the last two decades. Container traffic grew 7.5% during 2016 in comparison with 2015.

The development of port infrastructure to handle this growth is critical to the nation's continuing economic success. The IPC faces the enormous challenge of providing the infrastructure required to handle the forecasted traffic. In order to meet that challenge, it has prepared a strategic port development master plan.  Following the presentation of the plan to the government, the IPC was directed to move forward with the first phase of development in both Ashdod and Haifa.

Southport and Bayport- New Container Terminals under way

Accordingly, the IPC has designed and coordinated the development of the Southport Terminal in Ashdod and Bayport Terminal in Haifa.  These new port terminals have been designed to receive the largest container vessels (Class EEE). The construction work on the terminals is well under way.
The IPC has also signed contracts with international operators which have received a 25 year operating license to operate and maintain the two facilities.

Main Terminal Characteristics-

  • First phase: 800m main quay length
  • Water depth at main quay: 17.3m
  • Cranes able to handle EEE vessels (23 wide)
  • Road/rail connections

Other Projects

In the last decade the company has completed two major projects -   Ashdod's Eitan terminal and Haifa's Carmel terminal.
Ashdod's "Eitan" terminal (named after Lt. Gen Rafael Eitan) is one of the country's important infrastructure projects with a total estimated cost of NIS 3 billion. The Ashdod Port Company commenced operations in the facility during 2005. The project features a 1,150 meter breakwater extension and 1,700 meters of new quay with up to 15.5m water depth alongside. State-of-the-art technology and new computer systems have been deployed to facilitate more efficient handling, storage and delivery of cargo. The IPC completed and turned over to the APC the final elements of the project: a new security and operational gate.

Haifa's "Carmel" terminal – The IPC completed the project during 2009. The NIS 1 billion project included the construction of a 700 meter container terminal with waterside depth of 15.5 meters. The new terminal is equipped with six super Post-Panamax cranes and 12 rail mounted container stacking cranes. 
A state-of-the-art gate features advanced technology that will allow for automatic identification of cargoes, vehicles and drivers.

In addition to the above projects, the IPC has carried out and is moving forward with many other construction and development projects in the operational and hinterland areas at the three ports such as the new port gate in Ashdod and Haifa that utilizes the latest gate technology, quay rehabilitation projects at existing facilities, development of logistic and industrial park and more.

Property Management, Maintenance & Supervision

The Israel Ports Company is responsible for the management of port real estate, including supervision and oversight of their use and maintenance. It also plans long-term national land requirements for port activities and is active in securing the land that will be needed in the future. 
The IPC manages numerous real estate contracts covering such facilities as the Israel Shipyards, Haifa and Ashdod grain terminals, Oil & Energy Infrastructure Company's distillate terminal and many others.  In addition the IPC developed a new port related industrial park – the Israel Ports Park - in Ashdod's hinterland, close to the operational port for the purpose of facilitating the private sector's development of various port related services.

High - Tech Ports

In collaboration with the port operating companies, Shipping and Ports Administration and others, the IPC is responsible for upgrading the technology deployed at Israel's ports. The goal of this upgrade is to provide the ports with the necessary tools to improve productivity and create the IT infrastructure necessary to facilitate effective competition, both in terms of price and service. Some of the most important technology projects include the state-of-the-art port gates; TOS – Computerized Terminal Operations System; Israel Maritime Community Supply Chain Management System (promoting the use of standard EDI messages between members of the maritime community); and the national port data bank.